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Turtle Electronics Hat


Want to build your own 4-wheeled 24V robot?

Turtle electronics is available to be used anywhere you like!

Take an advantage of the powerful pre-built RaspberryPi hat that allows you to:

  • Drive 4x 24V DC motors
  • Control 3x servos using STM32 
  • RPi direct connection with STM32 uC via UART 
  • 3 Programmable I/O Pins (may be set as timer inputs/outputs) 
  • UART / I2C / SPI interfaces available for user 
  • Accepts any power supply in range 7- 32 V 
  • ADC measurement for power supply 
  • Overcurrent protection 
  • Fully adjustable voltage for servos / any other device you can imagine 
  • Change the STM32 uC software directly from Eclipse (without any cables, connection, just one click of your mouse)
  • and much more (see on Github)

Open-source electronics. Not sure where to connect your equipment?

Ask us or check the schematics!


  • Turtle Hat Rev 7 model B
  • 4x screws and distances (to fix to RasPi)
  • 2x 3D-printed 'legs'

Doesn't include RaspberryPi microcomputer and software - sold separately.

Shipping time: 14 days

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