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Leo Rover Maker Kit


Estimated delivery: 6 weeks

Build your own open source Leo Rover from scratch!

Get all the pre-manufactured components needed to assemble Leo Rover and 3D-print its casings and wheels. This way you'll learn what's inside in the most effective way and will be able to go straight ahead to developing new addons for the Rover. Cool, isn't it? 

As we're constantly improving the design, the Rover you receive may look and act little different than seen in the videos and demos. Don't worry though, our team will help you customize it to your own needs.

Manuals & docs:


Kit includes:

  • All CNC machined parts
  • Wheels, differential bar, bearings
  • 4x Wheel DC motors with encoders
  • 4x Tires
  • Aluminium laser cut and bent frame parts: 00118, 00119, 00120, 00090, 00121, 00114, 00122
  • Stainless steel laser cut and bent suspension parts: 00124, 00125, 00063
  • Differential beam: 00123 and its axis
  • Pull-rods with ball joints
  • Suspension ball bearings, shafts and bearing sleeves
  • Aluminium suspension beams: 00012
  • Inner watertight battery case
  • Electronics: Core2ROS - controller to fit RaspberryPi 3
  • Connectors
  • WiFi modem / antenna
  • Cables
  • Cable bushings
  • Screws
  • Camera shielding glass
  • Battery
  • Battery charger

Not​ ​included:

  • RaspberryPi 3B
  • microSD card
  • Wheel parts - to be 3D printed
  • Casing parts - to be 3D printed
  • Covers - 00098, 00099, 00130 - to be 3D printed

You can add the 'not-included' parts by choosing dedicated option near the price tag.

Detailed description of 3D-printed parts is in Leo Rover docs:

(Robotic arm not included. Available as add-on in the marketplace.)

Tools needed: set of Allen keys and hex-head flat wrenches, a bench vise, 3D-printer, soldering iron.

Shipping time: 4 weeks

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